16373884_xlIn order to help your company with both marketing and sales efforts, GOING Inc. has been providing Video Production & Marketing solutions for decades. We have generated award-winning videos for sales and marketing to serve both small and large scale companies and business across the nation. With video production and marketing, you can convey valuable proposition more efficiently, generate credibility and desire for the services and products of a company.

At GOING Inc, we have been leveraging powerful marketing efforts for creating powerful promotional videos for over two decades. Whether you require short ad film for 30 seconds or in-depth video presentation for 30 minutes, GOING Inc is able to deliver everything you want to have a high impact, high quality marketing and sales video. A short sales video can perform as your 24×7 salesman which can sell your products to your customers across the world by working for 365 days. With this powerful and effective tool, your company can be able to showcase your services and products to your wannabe customers, while showing your capabilities and operations at your facility.

With a professional and ideally shot video, you may leave a long-lasting impression among your customers and support your salesmen to close largest number of sales. Marketing videos are considered to be the flexible tool for sales in order to implement marketing blend to boost leads and sales and customer’s knowledge about your products or services.

Video Production & MarketingFrom Concept to Accomplishment

Several businesses are using ad agencies to handle the project of marketing and sales videos for them. But GOING Inc. is dedicated to provide creative services which can support you in all aspects of your business when it comes to create marketing and sales videos. In order to develop these videos, we have expert team of producers, directors, writers and graphic artists. We are capable to cast expert talent which you may need for any project because we are networked with several talent agencies along the country.

Full Service Facility for Video Production

We have expert lighting, sound and camera crews who are more professional and experienced than others. With latest techniques and advanced production gear coupled with their years of experience in same industry, we can provide video production and marketing services of unrivaled quality. After shooting the marketing video of your business, our post production editors team, sound engineers and special effect artists will craft final product in order to fulfill your needs and expectations.

With a comfortable and plush ‘Green Room’ and spacious wardrobe and makeup suite, we have two fully lit state-of-the-art eco-friendly sound and screen stages in our facility. We also have large dining area and kitchen to cater your marketing video shoot. So, partner with us for production of more compelling marketing and sales videos. Whether you are producing video for the first time or you are a seasoned veteran, we are capable to make your experience enjoyable and rewarding. We invite you to review our demo pages to check out our achievements.