12811955_xlBeing an owner of online business, you should do social media branding as it is most beneficial option for your website or blog. With having Twitter page and Facebook profile, you can make your website more visible to potential clients and give them next opportunity to search your website and know about your objectives, products and company values. However, it can be tricky to ensure that you can have consistent brand visibility among everyone because of having large number of media forms to manage.

In that way, we are capable to brand your social networking accounts in Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Facebook and other sources and update your content in
a way to drive traffic. We will develop each media in order to keep the look and feel of your corporate brand well maintained.

Our Social Media Branding Packages

Even after getting your visitors to navigate along your website and making them to take any action, if you don’t have your brand identity on your accounts in social media which can notify visitors about your message and your identity, then you should go socialize and improve your online presence in social media with branded, more powerful look.

Here are some of our branding services –

1. Facebook Branding: We can brand your Facebook fan page with three ways –

a. Facebook Cover Page: At the top of Facebook page, the cover is a large flat banner.

b. Facebook Profile Banner: It is a vertical, medium-sized image which is shown in iPad devices. This banner has a thumbnail which is shown also on bottom left corner of it.

c. Facebook Landing Page (Welcome): This is a single Welcome Landing page which can be clicked by the visitors from your Facebook Page. This landing page is usually a little website of one webpage which may have video, images, an opt-in box for subscribers and more.

2. YouTube Branding

3. Twitter Branding

4. Google+ Branding

5. Other Options for Social Branding – You cannot have any opportunity of branding on LinkedIn. But you can use your Facebook Banner on Pinterest. Please call us to know more about branding on other networks.

6. All-Inclusive Social Media Branding Package: In this package, we will provide you with Facebook Cover Design, Facebook Welcome Page, Facebook Banner Design, Twitter Background Design, and YouTube Background Design. In addition, you can get complementary call from us regarding suggestions on how to become more strategic on social media. We have set up an exclusive social networking branding experience for you to enjoy highest conversion than ever. This package will give you access to global, responsive client-base.

We have team of professional social media experts who will listen to you and post each week day on your behalf. We ensure proper setup of your social media accounts and make them ready for domination. Then we fix strategy and internal schedule to post about three to four times in each business day on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and other topmost social networks. In order to increase engagement and readership, we will post a set of inspirational and educational content along your business’s message.