At GOING Inc, we are engaged in making websites which are not only aesthetically amazing, but also very strategically functional and user friendly. Adding relevant content to our clients’ website is our priority, which can help them achieve key objectives of the business. Before we begin programming and start designing, our planning process and discovery always dig deeper. Before taking any step, we understand “why”.

Our Web Design and Development Servicesbg4

Modern web users always remain connected, whether through mobile device, Wi-Fi connectivity or computer, and their expectations and requirements are always high. So, it’s your turn to think outside the box and beyond the click. You can get competitive benefits by delivering rich and amazing user experience. By coupling business aptitude, workflow, and user interface, your website can provide competitive user experience by utilizing ideal mix of content. Thinking ahead of clicks means you should think about designing website from different dimensions and make strategies of providing flawless user experience to the visitors. In order to help you do this, we are specialized to provide these web design and development services –

CSS/HTML Development

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML are the bloodstreams of all the web designing projects. We use latest CSS and HTML standards. To provide utmost user experience, we use W3C standards and offer these services –

  • W3C friendly CSS/HTMLbg3-starting
  • JavaScript development
  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • XML
  • JSP
  • XSL

RSS Integration & Blog Designing

RSS Feeds and Blogs are two ways to improve quality content along your website. A blog is a website which lets you show and manage contents of your company and stick along the comments from users. They work greatly in relation with your strategies of content marketing. On the other side, Really Simple Syndication or RSS feeds are helpful to get contents from other sources and they are displayed like resource for your targeted audience. This way, we work with Blogger, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal RSS modules and custom XML and RSS solutions.

Content Development

Content is one most basic part of any website. Here at GOING Inc, we are providing services related to content development like content planning, sitemap development, editing, content writing and keyword analysis.

Social Networking Integration

Social media is growing immensely. Though you can easily access social media tools, you still need strategic planning. Hence, you can spark up your social marketing efforts with tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This way, your website can act as a hub of central marketing. Content published through social media tools will be integrated in RSS feeds and Blogs and will automatically streamline your efforts in content development.

Website Maintenance

Last but not the least; this service makes it possible for us to recommend you to access your content marketing goals. We offer all our new and old customers with this service even when we didn’t develop their site. Here are some of our maintenance services –

• Website audits – usability, SEO and 508 Compliance audits

• Web Expansion – design callouts and button/banner ads and newsletter themes

• Splash or landing page design

• Content updates

• Hosting plan analysis